Lance Brooks

Lance grew up in New Berlin, a small town of 800 in Central Illinois. He started his sports career in the fourth grade playing basketball and baseball. He was not introduced to Track & Field until the 8th grade. He continued and expanded his career excelling at all 3 sports throughout high school, and still holds records in basketball and track & field to date. Beside the fact that he was a standout basketball player in high school, which ultimately got him into college at Millikin University in Decatur, IL, Lance won the state track meet his senior year of high school in Track & Field throwing the discus.

After High School, Lance attended Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science, and earned an interdepartmental minor in Business Management and Art. During his four years at Millikin, Lance participated in both the basketball program and the track program. The only caveat was that once basketball season was over, the track program had already started and there was only one month of track season left; so in four years of college, he was limited to a short 4 months of a track career. Despite his very limited track career in college, Lance was able to set many records which he still holds today. In addition to sports, Lance found time to be involved in many extracurricular activities such as the Boy Scouts of America. In fact he earned the highest rank in Scouting-the Eagle Scout. Lance is also a Master Mason and volunteers his time when possible to their activities.

Six months after college Lance still embraced the goal of making the U.S.A Olympic Track Team. He was told it would be wise of him to move and train with the coach at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Lance seized the opportunity and completed one semester of his Masters in Limnology (the study of inland waters) in Boulder while training for the 2008 Olympic trials. Although his coach in Grad School was not a good match for Lance, his dream of participating in the Olympics only grew stronger with time. In January of 2008 Lance gained momentum at an unbelievable rate. In February he learned that he could become involved full-time in a training program at the University of Arizona, which lead to the Olympic trials in Eugene, OR in June, 2008. Lance missed (finishing top 3) making it to the 2008 Olympics in China by 26 inches.

After making a good run at the 2008 trials Lance moved back to Denver to pursue the working world. Many jobs later while working one after noon at Lodos Bar and Grill in Highlands Ranch Colorado, Lance was introduced to his current coach Steve DeAutremont who had just retired from CH2MHILL, a large engineering firm in Denver. Steve a former hammer thrower for Oregon State had a very impressive career himself and was well on his way to making an Olympic team in the mid-1970’s. Steve shortly after winning NCAA’s came down with a mysterious illness and was unable to compete in the Olympic games. Steve later went on to coaching at Oregon State for 7 years making a name for him-self. Lance and Steve exchanged information and that was the beginning to something great!

“Prior to consulting with Dr. Tyler Fowler at Physical Dimensions I was at my worst, being injured with a torn groin, left oblique, and right pectoral, all which occurred 8 months prior. Initially I was about 55-60% efficient with my body in using its strengths while being injured. Tyler introduced me to the Graston technique along with his expert chiropractic services. After only 3 appointments with him I felt more confident in my abilities in the weight room and in the Discus ring. It has now been just under one year of seeing Tyler on a consistent, once a week basis and I am the best and strongest I have ever been in the Discus ring and in the weight room. With the help of Dr. Tyler at Physical Dimensions I have become a significantly more powerful and productive professional athlete granting me the capability of winning the 2012 USA Olympic Trials and making the 2012 USA London Olympic team.”

“Thank you for helping me become the best world class athlete I can be!! Go U.S.A!!”

Lance Brooks – U.S.A #1 Olympic discus thrower for the 2012 London Olympics.”

I love these guys! I fear adjustments. So the idea of walking into a chiropractors office was scary as hell for me!

I had met both Ty and McKenzie out and about through other friends, so I knew them as people, were not scary – actually quite approachable, knowledgeable, and friendly!

I have had knee issues off and on since 98, i have a lovely grinding/crunching that occurs when i am over weight and not doing my exercises (pt stuff).

I popped in for a visit and they fixed me right up. They scraped my knee muscles to help release some of the tightness, they worked on my IT band, they show me additional exercises, adjusted my feet (can i say, how great that feels? If you ever have that thing where your ankle gets stuck in a certain position – see Ty and have him adjust your feet! Mmmmmm!) McKenzie and Ty have amazing “bed side” manners, enjoy their work, and love helping people! I loved the work they did for me. My crunching is gone and I feel great!

I’ve gone back a couple times for my knees and also did some shoulder scraping recently – OMG! Do you have annoying knots that never seem to leave your shoulder blades no matter how relaxed you feel, how many massages you get? Give it a try! It’s not the most pleasant experience while it goes on, but do you feel ever so fabulous when it is completed.

Visit these guys! They are great!

By Nicole W.

Once moving to Colorado a couple of years back I was in search of a credible chiropractor. After meeting people in the Denver sand volleyball scene, Tyler at Physical Dimensions was recommended…and I haven’t looked back.

After years of playing on the EVP (Extreme Volleyball Professionals) and the VOTR (Volleyball Of the Rockies) tours, I acquired a nagging shoulder bursitis injury. I was extremely frustrated since I didn’t feel like I could compete with the top competition. Progressively, Physical Dimensions have been able to get me back to 100%. Thanks to Tyler I’ve recently won my first tournament after several defeating attempts. Furthermore, I feel like my beach volleyball career has been revived and extended.

Some other areas I’ve had work done on include my back, neck, and leg…yes I’m not the easiest client to get back into shape! With nothing but confidence I’ve highly recommended this great team to everyone I know.

Thanks again!

By Eli Masud

Tyler is a true professional. I look forward to going here every time. He has been working on my lower back for a while and it continues to only get better. He has also helped me through a couple of recent injuries using the Grastin Technique, which very few people in Colorado offer.

By Marshall M.

Went in for a running stride analysis. The staff is very friendly and very professional. Phil seems to be a very accomplished runner and I’m looking forward to his coaching. I will update when I get my analysis back.

By John W.

I was very skeptical about going to a chiropractor, but this place was highly recommended so I figured I’d give it a shot. The professionalism of everyone in the building puts you at ease and the quality of work Tyler does is incredible. Will never stray away from this place.

By Stephen Imeraj

Started going to PD about 2 years ago for an old back injury. McKenzie is a true professional with only the best interest of her patients in mind. She assesses the situation and takes her time to plot out the best course of action while explaining everything in layman’s terms so you know exactly what the problem is and what she is going to do to make it better. Both Ty and McKenzie are friendly and knowledgeable. They also offer a professional massage therapist who does some amazing work. The entire staff is wonderful. I highly recommend Physical Dimensions.

By Kevin S.

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