Warm Up and Flexibility

Performing a warm up activity and taking time to stretch are often overlooked in today‚Äôs fast paced life. But they should be performed just as often as your cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory and strengthening exercises to increase your overall performance and decrease your risk of injury. more “Warm Up and Flexibility”

Are you taking the appropriate dosage of Ibuprofen?

Often we get the question of how much ibuprofen a patient should take in order to have an effect on their condition, and it is usually followed by the question “Is it safe?”. Below is a review from the FDA on ibuprofen based off of research regarding it’s use through 2002. This confirms our general recommendation of performing an ibuprofen “flood” to your system by taking the maximum daily dosage of 3200mg/day for a maximum of 10 days in order to reduce inflammation for acute pain. If you are experiencing chronic pain (long standing onset), ibuprofen is not going to be effective in reducing your inflammation, and other treatment options should be considered. more “Are you taking the appropriate dosage of Ibuprofen?”

Functional Movement System and Screen

Recently I completed a continuing education course regarding the Functional Movement System and the Functional Movement Screen. The system and the screen were developed by Dr. Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton with the idea of creating a research proven, functional based screen (not evaluation) to “document movement patterns that are key to normal function” that will allow us as exercise professionals to identify functional limitations, asymmetry and dysfunction. Based off of your FMS movement pattern score, I can identify your particular areas of concern that are probably inhibiting your ability to maximize the effects of your training program. Following the identification of your limitations, I can then implement corrective based exercises that will restore the biomechanics required to perform the functional movement correctly and therefore enhance the effectiveness of your fitness program. more “Functional Movement System and Screen”

Are you Game Ready?

Pain and swelling are often associated with moderate to severe sprains, overuse syndromes, contact sports injuries and post-operatively. They are a sign of inflammation and your body’s way of telling you that it is time to give it the attention it deserves. Pain and swelling can ultimately prevent you from achieving your goals on and off the court and that’s why we use a state of the art system called Game Ready. This system “integrates proven cold and compression therapies in a revolutionary treatment system that sets a new standard of care in injury and post-operative recovery”. It simultaneously applies compression forces while rapidly circulating ice water to help reduce swelling and pain, therefore decreasing the amount of time your body needs to recover. This advanced technology “mimics natural muscle contractions while cooling the tissue” which in turn aids the lymphatic system, increases oxygen supply and stimulates healing of the injured tissue. more “Are you Game Ready?”

Running Mechanics

Are you a casual runner or marathoner living with unusual aches and pains? This might be a result of poor running form that can probably be corrected. The majority of our patients who are experiencing an ailment whether it be tendinitis at the hip, knee or ankle, or generalized, non-specific pain in those same joints, are heel strikers, over-pronators or forward runners. more “Running Mechanics”

Your Mom Did Say Sit Up Straight! Mom Is Always Right

Help Improve your Posture!

There are a number of contributing factors that may lead to poor posture including, but not limited to, weakness/tightness of the musculature that enables us to sit or stand tall comfortably, a poor ergonomic set up at your work station, frequent use of smart phones/tablets and sleeping on the wrong type of pillow(s). If any of these circumstances are present in your life (and it’s usually a combination of all of them) we can help! more “Your Mom Did Say Sit Up Straight! Mom Is Always Right”